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When deadCAT unleashed "Rosie O'Donnell" via Bandcamp last October, the song seemed like the kind of noisy side project that might result from a late night A. Grimes recording session turned manic. But after releasing a steady stream of singles and EPs over the year, it's become clear that something interesting, and kind of creepy, is brewing deep inside deadCAT's mutant soundscapes. Britt Teusink — the creative engine behind the group's haunted-house din — sings, produces, and plays guitar, bass, synth, and banjo alongside bassist Gage Gilmore and drummer Eric Grantham. Teusink claims that most of deadCAT's songs are his stab at writing hip-hop. In a wicked way it makes sense, but each song is driven by washing-machine rhythms that create a soundtrack for head-nodding beats and toxic dance floor dirges. There's no comparing deadCAT to any of its Atlanta peers. The group's songs willfully flourish outside the tide of Atlanta's traditional indie fare.

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