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Innovox Lounge

699 Ponce de Leon Ave., Suite 1

404-872-4482 http://www.innovoxlounge.com
The "connectivity lounge takes up the basement of Ford Factory Square, and proves the ideal underground dwelling place. The spacious but intimate locale proves suitable for catching up with old friends or scrawling an epic manifesto, for playing classic board games or losing yourself in the World Wide Web. Innovox serves Batdorf and Bronson drip coffee and espresso, which comes de- or hyper-caffeinated. Stop by for a cup of regular coffee if you're on the go, a shot of espresso if you're really on the go or a serving of the "Liquid Crack house blend if you're on the go at the speed of light. Other coffee options include cappuccino, cafe latte, cafe mocha, cafe Americano, macchiato and a bevy of frozen concoctions. In the milk department, go for 2 percent, Lactaid, soy, rice or non-fat milk. Round out the coffee scene with tea, bagels, muffins, sweets, wraps, chips and hummus. Our barista assured us "If it has coffee in it, we can make it.

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