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Best Bookstore to Cave in to Corporate Control

Those big corporations are consuming the little guy at such hypersonic speed there'll soon be no independent stores left. But if you must favor chain stores over the mom-and-pop's, if you really need the latest New York Times best seller and an OutKast CD, BORDERS BOOKS MUSIC & CAFE is your best bet. It seems there's something about abundance that makes people giddy (or maybe it's the quality caffeine served by perky barristas), because the store permeates with such a pleasant vibe you could contentedly browse for hours. And with its overarching displays of Harry Potter and diet books smack in the middle of the store, the folks at Borders won't give you a withering, book-snob stare while you peruse the vast selection of tombs recommended by Oprah.

3555 Gwinnett Place Drive, Duluth, 770-495-4043, and other locations. www.borders.com

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