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Atlanta’s tangential relationship to the murder of 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey just gets stranger and stranger. JonBenet was born here and is buried here, even though she was murdered in Boulder, Col. And JOHN MARK KARR, who confessed to her killing during a press conference at the police station in Thailand, grew up in metro Atlanta. And what is it with Thailand and accused Atlanta killers? That’s where Buckhead millionaire James Sullivan fled and was captured before he was brought back and convicted of engineering a hit on his wife, Lita Sullivan. In August, the media wolfpack, led by CNN’s shrill-meister Nancy Grace (another Atlanta connection — she used to be a Fulton County prosecutor), immediately descended on the Karr story and had the guy practically convicted before he ever got on his flight to the States. And what was up with that flight, anyway? Sitting in business class sipping champagne and eating prawns? Of course, everyone — except Lin Wood, the Atlanta-based attorney for the Ramseys — had egg on their face when Karr’s DNA didn’t match DNA found at the crime scene. The sad part is, this is the second Boulder district attorney to bumble the investigation while the real killer still walks free.

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