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"Pet N' Bait," "Taxes" and "Tires (New & Used)"

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Driving east on Glenwood Avenue away from the city, you take a right on Second Avenue, just shy of the East Lake Golf Club. You notice a warning on your right, painted in 3-foot-tall letters on a cement wall: “Wake Up!” Thus you are alert and prepared for the oddity on the wall’s other side. The ramshackle building is painted bright yellow, and its façade displays, in crooked, cut-out, red-and-blue lettering, not the business’s name, per se — as there is no discernible name — but a confounding description of what goods and services might be found inside. The words “PETS ‘N BAIT” are followed, inexplicably, by “TAXES,” after which comes the similarly incongruous “TIRES (NEW & USED).” Your guess is as good as ours.

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