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Best Alternative Festival

Ozzfest, Lollapalooza, Warped Tour. HiFi Buys was jammed this summer with kids looking for cheap thrills, loud music, chicks and beer. They could get all that, and for a lot less, at DRIVE-INVASION. Even reduced to only two days -- over Labor Day weekend -- the event packs a lot of punch. Hard rockin' rebel bands play in the afternoon, groan-and-scream-worthy B-movies play after dark. Throw in a burlesque show, a classic car show, lots of tattoos, barbecue, and a cooler full of beer and Jell-O shooters, and you've got one of the best parties in Atlanta, period.

Starlight Six Drive-In, 2000 Moreland Ave., 404-627-5786. www.starlightdrivein.com

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