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Bodega Nights

Staff Pick

Atlanta is filled with prime late-night spots to satisfy the drunken munchies, but driving there can be such a daunting task. It’s about time someone eliminated the middleman (in this case, your car) and brought the grub to the bars. Preston Craig’s BODEGA NIGHTS is part ice-cream truck and part concession stand on wheels. It delivers a variety of tasty treats to cap the night off – from Ring Pops and Pixy Sticks to 2-Ball Screwballs and Reese’s Ice Cream Bars. It idles outside nighttime hot spots where Craig promotes parties like Eastern Bloc every Friday in East Atlanta Village or Mondays in front of Graveyard Tavern. It’s usually parked until 3:30 a.m., or as long as there are eager customers to serve. Who knows, that chick you picked up inside the bar just might be craving a Fudge Pop.

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