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Best Act of Bravery by a Radio DJ

Rich Shertenlieb

99X associate producer

Rich Shertenlieb will do anything to get a laugh on the Morning X, including pretend to use a display toilet in a home repair store, but on June 12 he got serious when he thwarted a kidnapping. Shertenlieb was in line at a drive-thru ATM on Ponce and Monroe when the woman ahead of him turned and mouthed the words, "Help me. Turns out the woman had been robbed and taken hostage by a crackhead claiming to have a gun. As he tailed the car through downtown Atlanta, Shertenlieb called 911 on his cell phone and relayed his location to the police dispatcher. Police stopped the car near Turner Field, where the crackhead was arrested and charged with kidnapping, hijacking, armed robbery and battery. Go Rich!

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