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Top 10 dishes of 2010

The best things I ate in Atlanta restaurants this year



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1. Pink-eyed peas and quinoa at Dynamic Dish

It's true – the best thing I had to eat this year is no longer available. Would this dish make my No. 1 pick if Dynamic Dish were still open? Does it even matter? Isn't the memory of a meal just as important as the pleasure in the act of eating? I remember this dish with the most affection because when I ate it, I knew it would be the last taste I had of David Sweeney's unadulterated cooking for a long time to come. The combination of slightly warm and almost velvety pink-eyed peas, nutty quinoa, creamy and assertive feta, and copious amounts of bright green parsley made for the most satisfying lunch imaginable, and a dish that will live in my memory for years to come.

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