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Tropical flavors perfect for summer



REASON TO RETURN: If you haven't been to Beleza in a while, the latest cocktail list from mixologists Brian Stangeer and Heather Hawkins is rife with reasons to get your summer drink on.

SEASONAL SLURPS: The watermelon pisco punch, made with fresh muddled watermelon, agave nectar and crushed ice, is an ultra-fresh grown-up Slurpee, minus the off-putting sweetness that usually accompanies fruity drinks. The new list also includes old favorites such as the grapefruit and tupelo honey martini.

MIX AND MATCH: House-made, sous-vide liquor infusions provide some cool extras. The Kentucky trail mix cocktail combines walnut-infused bourbon with fresh muddled berries and ginger wine. But the walnuts used for the infusion don't go to waste — they're dried and served alongside the drink with fresh blueberries.

PAD YOUR STOMACH: With a focus on raw foods and exotic combinations, the menu at Beleza still contains the tastiest health food around. It might be worth getting a plate of quinoa with crimini mushrooms, avocado and scallion coulis if you're going for that third cocktail (and believe me, you'll want the third).

THE SCENE: Beleza's turned into less of a dinnertime restaurant and more of a late-night scene. It should be both, but expect a quieter room if you go early.

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