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Beach House: Bloom

Sub Pop



In following up the beautiful sounds but lightweight songs of Teen Dream, Maryland downer-pop duo Beach House has recorded yet another album that will be relentlessly described as "dreamy." (I'm in the process of inventing an equally useless word to replace that poor browbeaten adjective. How about "flyturtle"?) But Bloom outlives all descriptors. In keeping with its title, the album is a bud of exploding psychic energy - a fresh, eager, downright transformative set of songs. In recent interviews, the group members have discussed their reluctance to buy into the "next big thing" label critics affixed onto them a couple of years back and the ensuing desire to maintain a forward gaze. Bloom is the sound of attention to detail, and not just sonic detail. This time, it's an all-around affair. (4 out of 5 stars)

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