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Go Away White



Bauhaus' resurrection album after a quarter century in the grave, Go Away White is a black mark on its otherwise untarnished career. And it's Peter Murphy's fault. In "Too Much 21st Century" and "Adrenalin," the real action is in the rhythm section. But when Murphy belts his gothic croon, everything falls flat. The cartoon goth pace of "Mirror Remains" is a caricature of the once-great rock band's style. Go Away White should have been labeled Murphy's new solo record. The lack of chemistry between him and drummer Kevin Haskins, bassist David J. and guitarist Daniel Ash (aka Love and Rockets) reveals how much the rest of the group has grown sans Murphy. Bauhaus broke up once before, after which Murphy wallowed in self-obsession while Love and Rockets churned out two decades of brilliant psychedelic pop. Here's hoping history repeats itself. 1 star.

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