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Baby Baby: Money

The Gospel of Rhythm



Baby Baby's first full-length, Money, kicks off with a song titled "Instead Of Spending My $20 On the Blink 182 Reunion Show I Took You Out On a Date and You Never Returned My Phone Call So Don't Ever Expect to Eat Free Shrimp Scampi Again Bitch!," which speaks volumes about the springy Carrollton foursome. Songs such as "Breakin," and the burning star of the album, "Fire," are loose, playful and energetic post-grunge rockers. Frustration over fruitless interactions with women drives much of the album, which has compelling moments of visceral honesty but suffers from half-baked songwriting that does the band's enthusiasm little justice. "Nothing to Lose" follows a bank robbery in progress that derails the album's conclusion by veering away from its catchy but formulaic instincts. But all is not lost. Despite its unrealized potential, Baby Baby's reactionary sentiment is still a cathartic joyride. (2 out of 5 stars)

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