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Atlantans celebrate photography

A photo essay of festival winners and other favorites that captured the spirit of city

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"Crying Silence," 2010
I took these photos for an art project at school [and I was thinking] I hope I get an A. They really make you think. You never really grow up.
— Susannah Bakke, 12, Atlanta
Winner: Second place, 12 & under


"Old Silver Moon Barber Shop," 2006
[I thought] the older men and the sign claiming the age of the barber shop complemented one other — enhancing the shop's claim of being the oldest one in the city. I also was thinking I needed to take the shot quickly — since it was to be a photojournalism type of shot - and I wanted to get the sign, the men, and the red and white barber pole in the photo before the men moved on down the street.
— Jacquelyn Foster-Rice, "Baby Boomer," Atlanta
Winner: Third Place, Adults


"Three Shadows on a Barn Door," 2010
This photograph is of a barn that my grandfather built in Dadeville, Ala. My grandparents recently bought the property in Alabama and decided to have a small farm. My mom will one day take over and inherit the land, which is one of her greatest dreams in life.
When I took the picture, it was just a typical day at the farm with my entire family. Whenever I go to the farm I am sure to have my camera in hand to capture moments that I cherish and will never forget. ... That day was a cloudy spring day, and we all woke up early to work before the expected rain came. My dad, grandfather, and my uncle were all hard at work building the first barn door. They had spent many hours working on the best way to build it, and the picture was taken right after they had finally hung the finished product. We all stood back to admire the new addition, and I noticed the three shadows were of the three men who had to have been the most proud. That was their pride and sense of accomplishment showing on the door.
To me, photography is an outlet. Seeing things through a camera lens is different from seeing it in person because certain objects and places make you have certain emotions and feelings. When you remember something, you think of the way it made you feel, maybe the way it smelled, the atmosphere of it all, etc. My biggest challenge in photography is trying to really capture the reality and the memory for what it is. I think that in this picture I was really able to do that.
— Meredith Campis, 16, Atlanta


"Fly Away," 2010
[When I took the photo] I was thinking how I wish I could grow wings and fly. I like the photograph because it shows my favorite color blue. It makes me feel very peaceful and calm. I take photographs because it's fun to capture moments. I chose this one [for the exhibition] because I didn't want to keep such a great picture to myself.
— Arielle Sterrett, 11, Acworth
Winner: Third place, 12 & under


"Seclusion," 2010
When I was taking the photograph I was thinking about using my camera right! This was my first roll of film, let alone first time using a film camera. I was nervous. I was focusing on using my aperture right and shutter speed. I planned her outfit, searching through my mom's closet, looking for the most textured fabric I could find. When I rolled my film and developed it and pictures appeared, I became hooked on film photography.
I like the contrast from the rustic gas tank to the white fabric dress. I also love the hand in the photograph. When I was taking the picture, I kept asking my model to move her hand so I could see her palm more. It paid off. The image makes you curious about the subject because the figure is cut off.
I have always had an obsession with cameras and pictures. When I was little and my parents let me use a camera, I would take loads and loads of pictures. I love to look through the camera and capture images in my own creative way. Film is new to me, but I am already hooked. It is also a challenge because I only have 36 photos to take at one time, so more thought is put into each click of my camera.
— Lindsay Rohrer, 16, Duluth
Winner: First place, Teens

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