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... Drink mead at the Renaissance Festival



Each summer brings the promise of free-flowing taps of honey wine at the Georgia Renaissance Festival in Fairburn, just 30 minutes south of the city. Sure, a cup of mead will set you back $6, but you'll need one — or three — to truly enjoy all the festival has to offer: wenches with ample cleavage to your right, knights hoisting wooden swords to your left, and no limit to the possibilities of prime people watching. But it's all in good fun. If you go into the Renaissance Festival appreciating it for what it is — a Dragon*Con for the Shakespeare sect, perhaps — you can have a great time. In addition to mead, there are more shows (check out Dead Bob), shops hawking period-style garb, and birds of prey than you can shake a greasy turkey leg at. Free-$19.95. 10:30 a.m.-6 p.m. Every Saturday and Sunday through June 3. www.garenfest.com.

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