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... Throw the perfect pool party



1) Find a pool: If you have to settle for crashing the apartment complex pool, plan to arrive early and mark your territory with a show of force.

2) Send cool invitations: Evites make it look like you're trying too hard. Private Facebook invites are the way to go.

3) Bribe the cook: If you can't grill, find someone who can and promise him free booze — aka marinate the meathead.

4) Make a mixtape: If you can't afford a DJ, you'll have to DIY. But none of that angsty chillwave. Stick to guilty-pleasure electro and crack rap.

5) Don't skimp on the libations: You'll need more liquor than the pool needs water. Plan on spending a grip on booze and beer, but ask invitees to BYOB, too.

6) Get the ratio right: Unless it's a same-sex shindig, invite more girls than guys. Don't worry, it'll all balance out in the wash. More guys will always show up.

7) Plant a party favor: There's nothing worse than a pool party where everybody is too cool to get in the pool. Tip your uninhibited significant other to peel and dive into the deep end when the time is right. (To a bikini or birthday suit, that's your call.)

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