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... See fireworks on the Fourth



Head to Lake Avondale for its Fourth of July party. Bring a cooler, a blanket, and plenty of red Solo Cups for this very laid-back, family-friendly party in Avondale Estates. Around sunset, neighborhood folks and other insiders head to the lake to claim their grassy spot for picnicking and fireworks viewing. There's great people watching to be had here and roaming with a beverage is encouraged. You'll see lots of familiar Avondalers, including writers, shopkeepers, beer aficionados, and a handful of bohemians from the nearby Rail Arts District. One home in particular is known for its open house where especially good gossip, eats, and shots of moonshine are there for those who play and party nice. A top-notch fireworks display caps off the evening. After that, the streets clear pretty quick, so give yourself plenty of time to get yourself together. You don't want to mess with an Avondale cop. www.avondaleestates.org.

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