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Atlanta punk! A reunion for 688 and Metroplex



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Punk memories

Randy Blazak, now a sociology professor at Portland State University, draws upon his own experience as part of Atlanta's punk scene for a course he teaches titled "Youth subcultures." William DuVall moved to L.A. to advance his musical career and is recording his first album as guitarist and lead singer for Alice in Chains, replacing the late Layne Staley. Paul Cornwell sells memorabilia out of his Rockstar Gold boutique in East Atlanta.

Some or all of them will join other mainstays from the city's bygone punk subculture for the Metroplex/688 Reunion this Saturday at the Masquerade Music Park. The master of ceremonies will be Andrew the Mug, who spent some of the intervening years as a club booker and now fronts the band the Hot Rods.

The band lineup is a flashback to the mid-'80s Atlanta club scene: Swimming Pool Qs, Dead Elvis, Mary My Hope, the Nightporters and others.

But apart from the tearful reunions and the memories, there's a real hope among some that the event is able to rekindle a punk spirit.

"There was more to the punk scene than wearing a Mohawk," Adler says. "It was an attitude of anger and angst against the system by people who want control over their own lives. That feeling still holds true."

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