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Atlanta Music in 2011: Our Favorite Things

Electro's takeover, the threat of Apocalypse, and Killer Mike's humongous balls


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Black Lips at Southern Comfort - JHONI JACKSON

Rowdiest Rock Show — One of the most momentous occasions of 2011 was also the rowdiest. When Black Lips played a homecoming show on the heels of releasing their latest album, Arabia Mountain, Atlanta's collective enthusiasm took physical form as waves of beer spray, sweat, and smoke consumed Southern Comfort Restaurant & Lounge. Genuine good ol' boys mingled with collegiate hipsters in a whirlwind of post-modern irony, set to the tune of one of the most badass Black Lips shows ever. Bradford Cox from Deerhunter even joined the band in a black wig and leather jacket — the first of his Joey Ramone routines — for a rendition of "Do You Wanna Dance?" — CR

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