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Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin


"This is what I call a heart-centered hug. This is reluctantly giving in to the hug. Women will sometimes arch their upper bodies away from the other person to protect that part of their body, so it's not as sexual or intimate. The bigger the space between the two huggers the less intimate the hug."

"He's the aggressor here. He's the one holding her close. You can tell by the hand position. His hand is almost gripping. He's pulling her toward him. Sometimes a woman will do something with her hand to show she's not comfortable, but the mayor doesn't do that. My overall read is that she's uncomfortable to get such an intimate hug while she's being photographed."

"There's a little tension around her mouth. She's a little self-conscious that he's doing this in front of the camera. And she's not saying, 'I like you as much as you like me' by any means. But she's not doing anything to show she's repelled by him, like putting her hand or hands between their chests or expressing distaste on her face. She's just a little tense. I'd like to see the photo just before and just after this moment to see what her face reveals when her eyes are open."

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