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Five culinary names to follow this fall



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  • Courtesy Noon Midtown


Sometimes, the most exciting discovery on the plate might not be the most delicious. Sometimes, it's the one with the most promise. Such is the case with Sean Telo, the sous chef at Noon Midtown (1050 Crescent Ave., 404-496-4891, under chef and owner Katie Birmingham. And while Birmingham is ultimately responsible for Noon's menu, Telo brings an ultra-modern style and aesthetic to much of the restaurant's dinner offerings. At 22 years old, Telo still has a lot of growing to do. But the raw talent is obviously present, as is a wealth of ambition that presents itself in dishes so artfully arranged they make you want to weep. Check him out now, so you can claim to have followed his work for years by the time he fulfills the potential of all that ability and ambition.

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