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At what club will you find Atlanta's most pretentious people?


Nikki: The Mark. More than half the club is V.I.P., which you can't get into. Nobody dances because they're too cool. If you're not V.I.P., you pretty much don't get a drink. If you try to talk to somebody, they won't talk to you. Typical woman V.I.P. is a model from the agency that works next door. Typical male V.I.P. is some kind of suit that's going to impress a plastic girl.

Phillip: The Red Chair. It's full of Atlanta's most beautiful men. You get looked at from head to toe. They're standing at the door watching you walk in. If you're not worth looking at, they sigh, talk to their friends and turn their backs. They're all dressed up, hair all mussed and flipped, their Ben Sherman shirts. They want to be seen talking to a beautiful person. What a snotty bunch of queens.

Jason: East Andrews. You see a lot of fraternity guys with the beat-up UGA hat, khaki pants and a polo shirt. The girls dress like they're running down a runway. Don't even walk in there if you don't have a designer purse. They make it a cold atmosphere because they've been raised in a private school and are just looking for a rich husband. It's a place for "Sex and the City" wannabes.


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