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From the bedroom to the blog

Artists in residence: Time Wharp, Places, New Animal, and Featureless Ghost



The unexpected success of Perry, Ga.'s Washed Out in 2010 showed that living with your parents, recording on your laptop, and blogging could be a viable alternative to gigging at dimly lit dive bars every weekend. Washed Out rode last year's sound du jour, chillwave, to success, and now a new wave of young, Georgia-based musicians are following that bedroom-to-blog path in their own ways. The duo Featureless Ghost has set up a home studio packed with keyboards and drum machines to create nostalgic, electro vibes, while Time Wharp's Patrick Loggins, who splits his time between Marietta and Boston, uses little more than a laptop to create dense, jazz-inflected beats. Nico Giarrano of Places has clearly taken a cue from Deerhunter frontman Bradford Cox's bedroom recordings, laying guitars and drums into warm songs that range from melancholic tunes to garage jams. New Animal exploits the freedoms of home recording with odd combinations of accordion, hand percussion, horns, and other instruments to create songs that gesture toward the fractured pop-stylings of Brian Wilson or Animal Collective.

Attention from music blogs and sites such as have given the groups a freedom to seek out musical communities tied less to geography and more to sound, a shift that could change the way we think of local music. We caught up with the artists in their home studios and bedrooms to see how those places were shaping their processes as musicians.

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