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A Day in the Life: Tyler Coon

For many, college is an experiment in the body's ability to function at normal levels with as little rest as possible. Tyler Coon's a third-year student at Georgia Tech and drummer in three local bands: Bria, Kiss Boom Bang and Harp. On June 27, Coon checked out last night of the Decatur Social Club.

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Top 5 Hangouts for the underage

Just because you can't drink doesn't mean you can't party. Atlanta's got plenty of spots for the under-21 crowd including Swazye's, Brickstore Pub, Loca Luna and more.

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That's so 2007! Where the kids are playing in '08

Last year was swell and all, but we've moved on. Here's a rundown of 2008's hot spots, parties and bands next to their 2007 counterparts.

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Late-night ride guide

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