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Are we a hat-wearing-deprived city?

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Sabrina: Yes. Southern women think hats look stupid on them. And please, unless you're in a windstorm do not wear your baseball cap backwards or on the side. But donning a hat to me is most uplifting and most transforming. Atlanta is a very casual dress town. Let's add some panache. Let's pull something out besides blue jeans.

Jett: There's definitely a lack of hat wearers but it makes the ones who do a little more individual. I like it. I'm a rock star. I need all the attention I can get. I've worn hats all my life. You have to be born a hat person. We're a dying breed. Nothing sexier than a chick in a cowboy hat. But Atlanta is definitely a hairdo city. Some of these guys walk around here looking like the Thundercats.

Emily: Atlantans are definitely wearing hats again, especially the guys. You see a lot of guys at the clubs wearing the little fedora top hats, very 1980s, like the Clash. It's really cute. Hats are never out of style and Atlanta has style. A hat is a great accessory. It adds a lot personality. It can transform a whole look.


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