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Are hockey fans wearing the visiting team's jersey annoying?

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Jason: Of course. If you're wearing the visiting team's jersey you have to be annoying. You have to be obnoxious because you're outnumbered. I've been here for Red Wings games and Bruins games and their fans have out-cheered Thrasher fans, which is kind of sad. People have thrown beers at me, I've gotten in a few heated discussions but it's in my blood to root for the Bruins.

Gretchen: They are annoying. There's a certain etiquette in hockey rinks. You can wear the other team's jersey, and even cheer for the other team, but if the other team scores, you don't run around and get in everybody's face. The Flyer fans still run around and just act totally obnoxious. There are rinks where you can get beaten to death for doing that.

Bruce: I was born and reared in Ottawa. I don't believe we're annoying but believe we're setting the example of what Atlantans should strive for. They should strive to demonstrate the qualities of a true hockey fan. The difference, pure and simple, is knowledge. For the most part, the rule of icing tends to throw Thrasher fans off. It seems to be beyond their grasp.


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