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Appetite for disruption



Mulligan's Food and Spirits, a restaurant and bar in a part of Marietta that's seen an influx of immigrants in recent years, has been posting racially insensitive and very un-PC statements on the sign in front of its Roswell Street location over the past few months. The statements have netted approximately 40 calls per week from curious -- and sometimes pissed off -- passersby.

Here are a few recent postings:

• "I.N.S. Agts. Eat Free"

• "When Dairy Queen didn't smell like curry"

• "I remember when Buford Highway was for white trash"

• "I'd like to see Condoleeza [sic] Rice naked"

• "Fat Jewish guys have bigger Yamakas"

• "Michael Jackson conviction party coming soon -- no young boys allowed"

• "No habla espanol -- and never will"

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