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Anthony David: #LocationLocationLocation

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An album like Anthony David's #LocationLocationLocation - which mostly features newer versions of older songs - is pretty much designed for completists or super-fans. But that's not to say that casual or "green" listeners wouldn't dig the latest release from the Atlanta-based soul crooner. Along with some danceable reinterpretations of tracks like "4Evermore" and "Body Language" (as well as a Latin-esque take on "Reach Ya") - originally heard on his last album, As Above So Below - #LocationLocationLocation serves up a trio of spanking-new tracks (the best of which is the Brazilian-flavored "The Further We Go" featuring vocal assistance by Giovanca). All that said, if you've snagged everything David's dropped to date, don't stop now. And if you've never heard of the guy, this CD is a fitting place to start checking him out. (3 out of 5 stars)

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