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Anna Calvi: Anna Calvi




There are a few fair, if easy, reference points for Anna Calvi's music: PJ Harvey, "Twin Peaks," Ennio Morricone. But her sultry, engaging debut album is unique. It's bombastic, confident and at odds with indie rock's current insistence on electronically filtered coyness. Nothing about Anna Calvi is filtered. It's raw, urgent, sexual, alive. "Suzanne and I," like many of the LP's tracks, is instantly hummable, pop to the core but also strangely haunting. In this way, Calvi evokes the best of gloom rockers the Cure, but where that band bathed in viscous melodrama, Calvi only flirts with it, then recoils at just the right moment. The cherry on top? Girl can play guitar - check the beginning of "Rider to the Sea" for jaw-dropping proof. Anna Calvi is so considered, so mature, that it's tough to imagine where she'll go from here. But whether she's one-and-done doesn't matter right now. Right now, let's just listen. (4 out of 5 stars)

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