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Angela Johnson: Revised, Edited & Flipped




It's risky for musicians to revisit their classics; favorites tend to get hardwired in a fan's psyche. Yet, singer/songwriter/producer Angela Johnson largely manages to supersede her originals - with the help of several international producers - from six of seven indie projects spanning a decade, including cuts from her years as the frontwoman of Cooly's Hot Box. Truth is the Cooly's jams benefit most from the acid jazz, house, and disco upgrades, with the jazzy "You're Here with Me" winning the award for most improved. Breaking album convention, last year's radio hit "All in Me" (featuring Darien) dives into cool reggae waters. Overall, Johnson's results are melodic and seamless, proving dance can still feel organic, grown, and, dare we say, musical. (4 out of 5 stars)

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