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Andy Ditzler



Musician. Artist. Cineast. Andy Ditzler works the man-of-many-hats thing as the curator of the Film Love experimental cinema series at Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery.

What is the goal of Film Love?

I think I do this to inspire people to program their own screenings. When I committed to my first screening at Eyedrum, I knew nothing about how to show a film. I didn't even own a projector. I just knew I needed to see these works. I try something new with just about every screening. I'm doing Super 8 later this month, which I've never done. It's all about demystification.

Favorite film of all time?

I love Buster Keaton -- no one can touch him -- but Jacques Tati is the only narrative filmmaker who actually made me look at the world outside in a different way. I think of his four Monsieur Hulot films -- Mr. Hulot's Holiday, Mon Oncle, Playtime and Traffic -- as one large film, and each time I watch them, I see something new.

Where do you find most of your films?

Usually I'll read about a film and think, "I've got to see that." There's a solid distribution network for historical experimental films, but with newer works I frequently borrow or rent prints from the artists themselves. Other films are harder to find, of course. I spent several months last year trying to find a print of an obscure half-hour Black Panther documentary from 1969, which I read about in an old book. I found the filmmaker, but not even he had a copy! I eventually found it in a newsreel archive.

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