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Ananda Project

Night Blossom



Released as a double-disc set, some of Night Blossom's most enjoyable moments come from comparing original tunes to others remixed by the likes of London's Idjut Boys and San Fran's Jay-J. Not that Atlanta-based Ananda Project's (Chris Brann) latest sounds at all like an empty top hat waiting for another producer's magic. Much of it falls in line with 2007's Fire Flower, some of the "best music made in Atlanta in 2007," according to CL. Of course, that may be because Night Blossom tenderizes and beefs up a few of that release's choice cuts, including "Kiss Kiss Kiss" and "Fireworks."

Disc One, the full-length CD, starts out heavy on piano and takes on a few electro-house leanings as it continues. Exceptional standouts include "Stalk You," which manages to blend awkward but real lyrics with an unapologetic groove. Disc Two, the mixed CD, showcases Brann's ability to create a romantic, sentimental mood on the dance floor. This is mid- and sometimes uptempo house music with jazzy influences and vocals that range from effectively minimal to soulful church diva. You'll look forward to hearing these tracks at the club, where DJs who appreciate and acknowledge what a good vocal and equally good groove can do take it deeper and harder. 3 stars

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