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An interview with a neighbor: Simon Lian

To escape the murderous Burmese government, Simon Lian and his family were resettled in Clarkston



Simon Lian, 40, escaped Burma and resettled in metro Atlanta five years ago.

The Burmese government, we call it the junta, is fighting the minorities. Because of the situation, we ran away and were resettled here. The first time I came here I feel like a stranger, but now I feel at home. My community here is mostly from Burma, too, but Burma has a lot of tribal groups, too. We don't know [each other's] cultures, so we learn. My wife came with me and now we have two children. I work for the church, helping the priest. We call it sacristan, but only Catholics know that word. In the garden here, I grow the sour leaf for our food.

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