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An interview with a neighbor: Lee Black

Lee Black loves his community, but is sick of all the crazy drivers



Lee Black, 38, is the general manager at the Carnegie Bar & Grille and a four-year Berkeley Park resident. He loves his community and all of its newer amenities, but that doesn't mean he's OK with the neighborhood's terrible traffic.

This area seems like it grows every day. The centralization, being between I-75 and I-285, and having pretty much any grocery store or restaurant you need right in the area is great. The neighbors we have are amazing, too. By far, this is the most neighborly place we've ever lived.

The one thing that we notice is the traffic. People use our neighborhood road as, like, an auxiliary road and fly down the street. I feel like an old grouchy man on my front step hollering at cars to slow down, waving my fist. They've talked about different ways to stop the speeding, but as far as we've seen there's been no change.

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