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Two-bedroom, two-story home in Midtown



Kate Fetterolf lives with her three-legged Rottweiler, Henri, and her Calico cat, Magoo, in a renovated turn-of-the-century Midtown house shaded by bamboo, great oaks and adorned with vibrant flowers that spill onto the sidewalk. Inside, eccentric compositions of large female nudes with appliances lean against many of the walls.

Creative Loafing: OK, so are all these nude paintings yours?

Kate Fetterolf: Yes. I'm a painter and an art therapist. I teach adults and do art therapy with children, adolescents, adults and the elderly. I'm a cradle-to-grave therapist.

Have you ever had a show in the house? It's certainly big enough.

I've had a few small shows, but because my work is so large, I prefer galleries. I currently work out of my home -- my studio is here. [She points to a painting.] This piece, in particular, came from my Deranged Housewife Series a few years ago. That series features a lot of rooms in this house -- particularly my laundry room.

It's interesting how you pair the domestic with the wild -- the vacuum cleaner in the forest, and her Marilyn Monroe-like sunglasses and sense of dismay. Are any of the women in the series representative of you?

Well, let's put it this way, I was a housewife when I started the series. And by the end of it, I was no longer a housewife. Does that answer your question?

It sure does. I was overwhelmed by the smell of jasmine on the way in, and the hydrangeas are so rich in color this time of year.

I have a pretty extensive garden. I lived in apartments when I was growing up and never got a chance to do any gardening. I think that's why I do so much now. Plus, it's sort of like painting -- only a different surface.

Speaking of paintings, any portraits of Henri?

No. He's got too much character to put on canvas.

For a big dog, he certainly is friendly. He didn't even bark at me. How did he lose his leg?

He was hit by a car at 8 weeks and lost his leg. His former owners wanted to have him put down, but the vet wouldn't do it.

Do you have a favorite piece?

Oh, I plead the Fifth to that. Actually, I guess I'd have to say my house. It's another kind of canvas -- an installation in progress. In it, I can do whatever I want. My imagination is my limit.

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