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American Wedding


Genre: Sex comedy

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The pitch: In the third slice of American Pie, pie-fornicator Jim (Jason Biggs) and flute fetishist Michelle (Alyson Hannigan) take a rocky road to the altar, but swinish Stifler (beetle-browed Seann William Scott) takes up as much screen time with his attempt to turn sensitive.

Flesh Factor: Two bachelor party strippers get topless -- and have to be hidden from the bride's parents (Fred Willard and Deborah Rush). As ever, the series is less about actual sex than humiliating slapstick, like when Jim has his butt exposed before his marriage proposal.

Money shots: Jim and Stifler get caught in a compromising position with two canines. Michelle gives Jim oral sex under a restaurant table while Jim's father (Eugene Levy) unknowingly sits down to chat. Stifler ingests dog poo under the guise of a chocolate truffle. Stifler cuts loose in a gay bar dance-off to songs like "The Reflex" and "She's a Maniac."

Best line: "I'm gonna hang out with my wang out and rock out with my cock out" is perhaps the wittiest Stiflerism.

Fashion statements: The guys' new gay friend Bear (Eric Allan Kramer) wears a puffy shirt and cheek-baring leather chaps to the bachelor party. Jim shaves his bikini area -- only to have the hairs infest the wedding guests and cake.

Hit single: James' "Laid," the trilogy's theme song, book-ends the movie. The bride and groom dance to Van Morrison's "Into the Mystic," which segues into the Wallflowers' cover version: Singer Jakob Dylan is the brother of the film's director, Jesse Dylan.

Hey, Wait a Minute: Not only is Pie gone from the title, but Chris Klein and nearly all the starlets of the previous films (Shannon Elizabeth, Mena Suvari, etc.) are no-shows. Maybe their Wedding invitations were lost in mail.

Better than the previous?: The wedding preparations provide a more eventful plot than Pie 2's thin summer-vacation story, putting the film on a par with the first. A funny romantic triangle finds cultured Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas) acting boorish and boorish Stifler acting cultured to woo Michelle's sister (January Jones).

The Bottom Line: All of the Pie movies are stylistically plain, and Seann William Scott's appeal can't be explained -- maybe audiences like studying the plates and angles of his face. But Biggs and Hannigan remain charmingly horny, and American Wedding showers gags in quantity, even if their quality can be a crapshoot. Sometimes literally.

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