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Amber Nash stars as Amber Nash

Dad's Garage Theatre ensemble member shares some favorites



Atlanta native Amber Nash is an ensemble member at Dad's Garage Theatre, where she plays roles such as King George's daughter Princess Penelope in the Revolutionary War-themed season of the improvised soap opera "Scandal!" Her other projects include the Center for Puppetry Arts' Xperimental Puppetry Theatre (May 15-18), which features her in "The Fourth Season Premiere of the Amber Nash Show," Benjamin Carr's short spoof of "Mary Tyler Moore" and "Sex and the City."

Kayfabe Club: "This professional wrestling school meets at Relapse Theatre and is run by my good friend Stephen Scarborough. I try to get to practice when I'm not too busy. I get to get in the ring with some really good wrestlers that throw me around and make me look good by pretending to get beat up by me."

Box of Moonlight: "It is my favorite movie. Two people from different walks of life (John Turturro and Sam Rockwell) learn a little something from each other and adventure ensues. Coonskin caps, ecstasy and skinny dipping — you can't get any better."

Nature: "I was a wilderness camp counselor for many years and I love being outside. Two of my favorite places are Wildcat Creek in North Georgia and Tumbling Rock Cave in Northern Alabama."

"Lost": "I'll admit it, I love this show. I haven't missed an episode and don't plan on it. I'm eating Dharma Initiative ranch dressing on my broccoli right now."

Free Play: Improvisation in Life and Art, by Stephen Nachmanovitch: "An amazing book given to me by a friend who said 'This book will change your life.' It has. I've read and reread it and reference it all the time. It's not just about improv as a theatrical tool but as a way of looking at the world."

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