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The party's winding down and I'm in the living space/bedroom with Doog of the DooGallery. It's a cramped room in the back filled with handpicked art from his gallery and an orange Vespa scooter. Then out rolls his real centerpiece, a shopping cart slammed full of top-shelf liquor. It's amazing. A bar on wheels. It's as if he went on an adult version of the game show "Supermarket Sweep" and racked up. That's when I realize I don't know what I'm more impressed with – the Booze, which is the band that played earlier, or the actual fermented and distilled booze that lay before me. Either way, we're a winner.

The DooGallery is a small warehouse, sectioned off into lofts on the edge of Reynoldstown. The gentrification of Atlanta apparently stops a few streets down. It's in a sketchy neighborhood, nestled right on the edge of the famed Beltline – which in this case can still be referred to as the "crack track." In the parking lot out front, odd shit is scattered around. Really useful stuff like old dune-buggy parts and trashed skate ramps.

With the Mod movement they're trying to stir back up in the city, Doog and his DJ pals from Southern Sound Soul System are having another of their monthly parties. A $10 donation at the door gets you an open bar with two bands, four DJs and countless cuties in miniskirts. Not a bad deal.

The Booze is a bluesy five-piece that looks as if it's right off "The Ed Sullivan Show" – right down to the half-cut black boots. It has the matching outfits, but it also has the unbelievably catchy two-and-a-half-minute songs. Songs that would piss off Berry Gordy because he didn't write them first.

After the Booze rolls through its set, the ladies of the DJ team "Fringe Factory" take over the turntables for their own interpretation of Mod. These two girls are adorable. They look like they will beat your ass, then give you a makeover.

"They pretty much play everything that should've been played," Ian St. Pe of the Black Lips says of the girls' obscure playlist.

Some of the kids can take the scene a bit too seriously. I'm scared to ask one of the Booze boys what time it is for fear he'll say, "1964."

The dance floor stays full, and the bar stays open. Aside from being weirded out by some of the serious Vespa kids, it's a great night. All in moderation, I suppose.

Pun intended.


The In Crowd. $10. Monthly event held at DooGallery. 205 Holtzclaw St., units I and J.

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