After Dark

Thank gawd for gentrification. Without it, we'd be denied some of our guiltiest pleasures.

Have you noticed that Atlanta's newest nightlife district sits smack dab in the middle of Old Fourth Ward, one of the few remaining neighborhoods where you'll find scenesters mingling with soulsters - and where crack is still considered a designer drug? Fancy that.

Truth is, there's a revived exploration happening all throughout our late-night nooks and musical crannies. Take Antwan "Big Boi" Patton. Relegated to the sidelines by the industry, Big found a way to remind us that there's still something inherently cool about being an outcast. The same goes for Zoroaster, a band with the mettle to reshape this town's music scene.

It took an old-school karaoke party to bring life back to Pal's historic corner of Auburn Avenue. Meanwhile, throwback bands like Yacht Rock Revue and the Soulphonics and Ruby Velle have injected new blood into their epic redux.

From strip clubs to 7-inches, Atlanta's finding some inventive ways to reanimate the tried and true.

- Rodney Carmichael

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