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Adrian Sosebee's top 5 game changers

Heroes x Villains, Mayhem, and the trap music's emissary other local favorites



HEROES x VILLAINS: "Heroes x Villains is probably my favorite performer at the moment. I am proud to say that I've posted just about everything Daniel Disaster and Pete Heartless have ever released together. The best way to describe the HxV sound is that it's really fucking big. If you don't like HxV we can't be friends."

MAYHEM: "I met Mayhem (Anthony Rotella) back in 2009 when he was running Atlanta's underground dubstep scene via Atlanta Dubstep. He still runs shit as both a DJ and a promoter. He is your favorite producer's favorite producer, as his technical skill at making music is better than most in the world."

HPNTK: "Chris Tanner, better known as HPNTK (formerly Hipnotikk), represents a new wave of EDM DJs and producers that have emerged from Atlanta over the last few years. His productions are unique, as he has a dark and moody sound, which I love. If I could book only one DJ for a show it would be him. Keep an eye out for his 'Where the Freaks At?' single coming soon to Freakstep Records, Beatport, and iTunes."

DJ GWANN: "I look at Gwann (Greg Hale) as the ace in the hole for Freakstep Records. If you need someone to kill the crowd in a high-pressure situation, Gwann is your man. He is best when playing high-energy trap and deep dubstep; all the real Atlanta heads know about Gwann and his original productions. Look for his 'Rachetizer' single due out July 11."

PLOYD: "This motherfucker changed my life at a music festival this summer. Aireon Ployd Grimes is the people's champion, and he can play any genre of music and kill it, and he's been a supporter of my label and website for years. I call him 'trap Jesus.'"

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