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Adopt-a-really-nasty chemical site


When M&J Solvents Co., a chemical recycling center, went out of business in 1994, it left behind drums and tanks of hazardous waste and a site so saturated with nasty chemicals that the groundwater is contaminated.

According to state Environmental Protection Division documents, the site is laden with all kinds of chemicals made out of that cholra-, tetra-, tri-, ethelene-mumbo jumbo. Of course, since it's called a hazardous waste site, we can assume the stuff left behind wouldn't be found in a banana smoothie.

M&J Solvents also left the cleanup bill -- so far around $800,000 -- to its clients, the chemical companies that hired M&J to recycle their solvents.

In one of its more widespread enforcement actions, the state Environmental Protection Division is ordering 1,818 companies to help foot the bill for the investigation and cleanup of the M&J Solvent site, which is in the industrial section of northwest Atlanta that's supposedly undergoing one of those renovation and urban revival-type development booms.

To the 1,818 companies EPD has asked for money: Hurry up with that $400 -- the contaminated site is about a mile from the city's drinking water reservoir.

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