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'Tis the season to finally accomplish your goal of getting everyone that perfect gift; you'll only be in debt until next year, which is better than last year's expenses, which you're still paying for. Do the holidays make you want to pour eggnog on Grandpa's head and beg for a Prozac prescription? If so, here are the best songs to parallel your frayed nerves and perhaps save poor Grandpa's toupee:

1) "19th Nervous Breakdown" -- the Rolling Stones: Featured on Hot Rocks 1964-1971. Mick and Keith must have bratty little cousins, too: "But you were never brought up right/You were always spoiled with a thousand toys."

2) "Mindshaker Meltdown" -- Mother Love Bone: Current Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard wrote these numbing lyrics on the eponymous album in '92, emphasizing the added stress of mental instability.

3) "Janitor of Lunacy" -- Nico: Former Velvet Underground bombshell taps into the deeper side of her German psyche; her "janitor" serves as a saving figure to "tolerate my jealousy/recognize the desperate need," which completely justifies why you cut off that car on the way over to the family abode: That asshole would've gotten to eat ham before you would. That's just not right.

4) "Schizophrenia" -- Sonic Youth: It's OK, Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon feel the same way about your wonderful mother and devilish little brother: "Schizophrenia is taking me home."

5) "Manic Depression" -- Jimi Hendrix Experience: Sometimes continuous carolers and brick-like fruitcake are hard to take, even though you love this time of year: "I wish I could caress, caress, caress/Manic depression is a frustrating mess."

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