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A drink to exclaim over



THE DIGS: Wahoo! A Decatur Grill, 1042 W. College Ave., Decatur. 404-373-3331.

THE DRINK: Raspberry Chai Martini

MIXOLOGY: A combination of Van Gogh Raspberry Vodka, organic chai tea and sugar with a cinnamon stick as swizzler, the Wahoo! Raspberry Chai Martini is as balmy as it is brisk. The Dutch vodka has a bouquet recalling framboise lambic, while the Indian chai tea perfumes the drink with smoky cinnamon and cardamom.

VIBE: Wahoo! is an unpretentious, earthy neighborhood bistro cast in rustic orange, brown and brick. It's the garden patio, however, that awakens as many spirits and senses as any fare.

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