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Hours: Open daily, 24 hours

Hidden among Duluth’s strip malls and congestion sits this neon-illuminated beacon of relaxation for adults and children alike. A mere $25 buys a full 24 hours of access to single-sex, clothing-optional locker rooms with steam rooms, saunas and showers. Once there, drop some extra bucks for an exfoliating body scrub or the (legal) green tea massage. Don the provided uniform and enter the co-ed area that boasts more than seven different steam rooms to purge your toxins. Grab a meal at the restaurant, drop your clothes off at the in-house laundromat and give the kids a few bucks for the arcade should you want to swim in the lap pool, relax in the charcoal dry sauna or get your tired soles kneaded in peace.

Restaurant Details

JeJu stands apart from other Atlanta spas. Inside the 24-hour Korean-style sauna one can be scrubbed, rubbed and treated by lingerie-clad Korean women. Twenty-five bucks buys you unlimited access to the sauna's many no-frills facilities, a roomy, thick cotton uniform of shorts and T-shirt, and a disposable toothbrush and access to the gender-separated saunas, Jacuzzis, and mineral baths of JeJu Spa. While food isn't destination-worthy, there's good stuff to be had. There are about 13 to 14 different dishes available. A cast-iron pot of kimchi jjigae seems to find a place on most tables. Pork, tofu, scallions and onions bob around in the stew's broth, tinted red with kimchi and gochujang. A bowl of rice and a small assortment of banchan comes with your order.

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