Best of Atlanta 2012 

"Is it that time already?" you're asking. "Doesn't the Best of Atlanta issue come out in, like, SEPTEMBER? Do I have to vote again?"

Yes, yes, and yes. But fear not, CL reader. We've made it easier on you. This year, we've broken down the voting over five weeks — one category a week — so you don't have to answer 250 questions at once. The voting schedule goes like this:

Week 2: AFTER DARK (July 9)
Week 3: POETS, ARTISTS & MADMEN (July 16)
Week 4: CITYSCAPE (July 23)
Week 5: ORAL PLEASURES (July 30)

Instead of a six-pack to get through it, now you need a shorty, a pint, or, at most, a growler. So for the next five weeks, you'll vote on your favorite things about the city.

Some things remain the same, of course. With this year's Best of Atlanta ballot, you can vote for as many, or as few, categories as you'd like. Plus, you can save your ballot and come back to it later. If you've already got a CL profile, you're all set! If not, get started now. Each week, a Best of Atlanta ballot closes at midnight on Sunday, and the results will be published Sept. 20. Happy voting, and remember — don't vote and drive.