Timeless: Best Retail District to Maintain a Classic Vibe

Little Five Points

Staff Pick

It’s more than 2,000 miles away from Haight-Ashbury, but on a good weekend, Finley Square is a gathering ground full of free spirits — some filled with the alcoholic variety — and an intoxicating variety of stores and vendors. “Go your own way” is the only direction in LITTLE FIVE POINTS, and that retro vibe shows up in a swirl of ways. L5P’s decades-long history reflects a consistent independent streak — one that’s now evident in the hottie wear of Cherry Bomb, the glam kitsch of Junkman’s Daughter, and the vintage digs at Psycho Sisters, Stefan’s, Rag-O-Rama and Tease. It’s a jumble of rebellious heart, “be yourself” attitude and sometimes freakish packaging that accepts both gawkers and neighborhood regulars. What could be more classic?

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