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Holeman & Finch

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It may not be the fanciest restaurant in Atlanta, or the one with the most formal service, or even the one with the highest star rating. But none of that matters. What matters is this is the place where we all want to eat. If a friend comes in from out of town, if a special occasion calls for a special place, if we had the opportunity to shout ATL pride from the rooftops for one restaurant only, it would be HOLEMAN & FINCH. It's the restaurant our New York friends are jealous of. It's a place you can get a mind-blowing cocktail alongside a perfect small round of the most classic, wonderful steak tartare topped with a flurry of the thinnest potato crisps imaginable. All manner of "parts" are available, from creamy, dreamy lamb brains to rabbit livers topped with pickled blueberries, to whole confit duck heads. But if extreme eating isn't your sport, the comfort and simplicity of house-made pasta carbonara with a fat farm egg yolk to stir in, or a perfectly cooked piece of trout can excite, too. Either way, we're smitten. 2277 Peachtree Road. 404-948-1175.

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