Oral Pleasures

This year’s Oral Pleasures section pays homage to the impulse that defines the true foodie: the drive to search out the hidden gems and unsung heroes that exemplify a city’s authentic culinary culture.

We’re rightly proud of the variety and quality of Atlanta’s homegrown restaurants, whether they’re hole-in-the-wall diners or glittering palaces of high-end cuisine.

But our crack team of gorgers and guzzlers made a special effort over the past few months to ferret out places that make their little parts of the city what they are. What restaurant represents East Atlanta better than Cantina La Casita? Or Midtown better than the Globe? Or the Westside better than Octane? And we found a slew of great dining establishments — check out our Best Taqueria, Best Kosher and Best Sandwich winners — that you’re unlikely to find in glossy guides to the city.

From the highly original to the deeply traditional, this is a city with a huge breadth of culture and taste. Here’s to the hearty, the sublime and the decadent, and to chewing, slurping and nibbling our way through another year.

— Besha Rodell

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