Art on the Beltline Scavenger Hunt 

Creative Loafing has teamed up again with Art on the Beltline to give you a fun reason to check out this second annual public art exhibition. We'll provide clues on game day, then individuals or teams scope out the artwork and match them to the clues, and get a prize at the end of play. This year we'll be on the Eastside Trail, starting on the bridge over North Ave. Meet us there at noon! Feet, bikes, skateboards, hover crafts are all acceptable modes of transportation.

All proceeds from registration benefit the Atlanta Beltline.

How to play:

Individuals or teams are given a clue card. At each winning stop, individual or team must Twitpic piece of artwork to #arthunt, or they must mark card with correct answers at each stop.

How to win:

First individual or team to correctly Twitpic all artworks wins, or first to make it to finish line with all clues correctly answered wins. CL will monitor Twitpics as race goes on to determine winner.


Winners will receive tickets to Cirque du Soleil - TOTEM, and Netherwold Haunted House. And just for participating, all scavenger hunters will receive a fun prize. The first-prize winner(s) will receive their prize at the finish line.


  • Participants must be current Georgia residents.
  • Participants must be present at assigned starting point by 11:45 a.m.
  • Participants can pre-register until Friday, Oct. 5, 5 p.m.; walk-ups are accepted; $10 rate for both. To reserve your space, email
  • Participants must Twitpic guesses using hashtag #ARTHUNT
  • Twitpic must feature team leader posing with artwork
  • All team participants must stick together; no splitting up to chart course
  • Artworks can be captured using a cell phone, point-and-shoot camera, or video
  • Winner will be determined by CL staffer monitoring Twitpics for all correct answers OR first team to make it to finish line with all correct answers, whichever comes first
  • Twitpics and clue cards must be completed by registered participant(s)
  • Staff members of Creative Loafing Inc., current freelancers, Beltline Partnership or Beltline Inc. employees are not eligible to enter.
  • Participants retain copyright, but grant permission to Creative Loafing, the Beltline Partnership and Beltline Inc. to use photos and video at their discretion.
  • All entries must be received by 2pm Sun., Oct. 7, to be eligible for a prize. No exceptions, so don't ask.
  • No phone calls please.
  • Creative Loafing and the Beltline reserve the right to disqualify entries with obscene or incriminating content.

For more information on the project, check out our coverage on the Atlanta BeltLine or check out their official page at

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