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9 top dishes of 2011

The best things I ate in Atlanta this year



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Porchetta sandwich at No. 246
Perhaps it's lazy of me to recycle a description, but I believe I said it best in my August review of No. 246 when I described the porchetta sandwich thusly: "The plate holds one of the most glorious lunchtime indulgences I've encountered in years: a porchetta sandwich alongside a shallow bowl of 'roasting juices.' In other words, this hunk of pig was roasted until meltingly tender, slathered with aïoli, topped with pickled red onions and then sandwiched by a crusty roll. As if that weren't enough, the drippings from the pan are provided as an au jus, adding extra moisture, indulgence and just straight yum to the experience. I am besotted."

I still think about that damn sandwich, usually when I'm so far from Decatur that getting there is impossible. In a town of great sandwiches, this one is up there among the best. 129 E. Ponce de Leon Ave., Decatur. 678-399-8246.

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